Pacific Boom

Discover the latest release from Core Gaming company in collaboration with OpenBet and win payouts of up to 2,500 coins on the Pacific Boom slot machine, an action-packed game with a warrior theme.
This is a game packed with features like 4 win modifiers and 4 bonus games.
The RTP of the Pacific Boom game is 95% and the highest prize in the game is provided by two regular symbols, such as the game logo and the submarine icon.
Pacific Boom slot is played on a 5×3 interface with 20 paylines and a balance of 1,000 coins.
A radar shows the player 3 types of submarines, which appear below the rails. During the free spins these submarines can surface from left to right, moving one position on the reels with each free spin. If any of the wilds that naturally land on the reels land on a submarine, these wilds become ‘fixed’ and move with the submarine on each spin. Additionally, a section of the submarine is highlighted on the radar honeycomb, indicating how many more sections it takes to sink that submarine and win the corresponding prize. Joker symbols that miss enemy submarines will disappear on the next spin. Any wilds still in play attached to the submarines will contribute as fixed wilds towards the creation of prizes. You can touch and sink the different submarines and get the corresponding prize, unless the entire submarine has disappeared from the screen. Submarines can move in and out of the reels more than once. However, there can only be one submarine in each row and only one type of each submarine will be displayed on the screen.

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