Hong Kong Tower

Hong Kong is the most visited city in China that has great cultural importance, it is the theme of the game released in March by the company ELK Studios titled Hong Kong Tower. The game contains a blue background and the symbols included in the game refer to Chinese culture. Hong Kong Tower Slots has two game modes: the normal mode with the mystery symbols and the bonus mode with the ‘Wheels of the Sky’ bonus game. The blue sky symbol is a mystery symbol that can be turned into another symbol to activate the ‘Wheels of the Sky’ bonus feature or to generate substantial income. The Hong Kong Tower game has five columns and 99 ways to win. The mystery symbol turns into another symbol once the reels have stopped. If a bonus symbol appears, it will count as five bonus symbols. Three Ying and Yang symbols trigger the ‘Wheels of the Sky’ bonus feature, four symbols grant an extra life and five Ying and Yang symbols grant two extra lives. Good luck!!!

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