Fox Fire

Fox Fire is the latest release from the High 5 Games brand, an animal slot that transports you to the heart of the Arctic where you can discover the natural habitat of polar foxes. The background of the game is an image with the magical northern lights and most of the symbols found in the game are and most of the symbols found in the game are gemstones of different colors and shapes.
The RTP is 96.0% and the game setup includes 6×3 reels. This game has between 729 and 117,649 combinations based on the Way Out Ways sequence.
Winning combination prizes contain one symbol from each adjacent reel, starting with the first reel from the left.
The same symbol, or its substitute, in a different position on the same reel, again awards that winning combination prize. By default, each reel consists of 3 symbol positions.
If the fox lands on an idle reel, that reel will become active. Activated reels expand to include an additional symbol position on each subsequent bet, up to a maximum of 7 symbol positions.
After placing a bet where the reel expanded to 7 symbol positions, that reel is deactivated and resets to 3 symbol positions. The activated reels differ from the default reels. Above each roller is a meter that includes several segments. By default, no segments fill up on these meters. After placing a bet where the reel has expanded to 7 symbol positions, the meter for that reel fills an empty segment. After placing a bet that fills the last segment of a reel meter, that reel will continue to have 7 symbol positions for the subsequent 5 bets before deactivating and resetting to 3 symbol positions.

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