Brutal Santa

Hop on Santa’s motorcycle to deliver all the gifts in Brutal Santa, a casino game from Evoplay that integrates a Christmas theme and offers access to some special features. On the left side of the screen is Santa Claus with his motorcycle and on the right side is a decorated tree.
The Brutal Santa slot machine is played with a classic 3×3 setup and 9 win lines.
The decorated dog serves as a bonus and each dog symbol awards an additional 5 free spins. This ability activates only in combination with the gift. The dog symbol only appears in the main game and only on reels 1 and 3. During each spin, Santa takes a present out of his bag. All gifts are special bonuses. There are 7 types of gifts in the main game. A randomly selected gift. A gift is activated only in the winning round. In that case, Santa will drop a present on the reels. You can create new winning combinations, increase the total win or activate free spins. If there are no win lines in the round, Santa Claus will throw a present.

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