Bar X Hot Spins +

Bar X Hot Spins + is a free bet game in the online slots format that was made by Inspired Games with a classic style and a modern interface that is optimized for the latest generation devices. During the game you can win fantastic prizes and you can access some attractive features.
It has a fixed RTP of 96.53% and its configuration includes 5×3 columns with 10 ways to win. It has a ‘Hot Spins’ function that is started by a win greater than or equal to 40. A single spin is played on 4-reel games. The Hot Spins RTP is 100%. A maximum of 100 spins can be played. Reaching this limit will end Hot Spins and winnings will be collected. Winnings can be collected at any time outside of the Hot Spins cycle, or used to play Hot Spins. If the winnings fall below the minimum bet, the winnings will be collected automatically and the Hot Spins feature will end. Hot Spins can be played with 4x, 8x, 12x or 16x bets. Hot Spins are played with the same prizes as the stake that triggered the Hot Spins. The Hot Spins bet can be changed using the UP and DOWN arrows. During Hot Spins, each time the bet is increased, and the symbol is removed from the reels: one bet: the lowest symbol is removed from the reels 12x slake – 2 lower symbols are removed from the reels 16x bet – 3 lower symbols are removed from the reels

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